Why do I need a Loss Assessor? Doesn’t my insurance company manage my claim for me?


While many insurance companies will support you in the initial weeks of your claim, their only responsibility is to ensure costs are covered to restore your property and replace damaged contents, stock, machinery etc. (if applicable). As your claim progresses, you will be left with the most stressful and time consuming day-to-day elements to organise and oversee alone if you do not appoint a Loss Assessor.

You might well find that your insurance company and their Loss Adjuster try to convince you that they will manage your insurance claim for you, and you do not need to be represented by a Loss Assessor to be treated fairly. However, this is regularly not the case and many policyholders write to us to express their gratitude for the difference we have made to their claim – you can read their comments here.

Should you appoint Morgan Clark, your Loss Assessor will manage the elements below in the way that best suits you; you can choose anything from ‘armchair assistance’ where we will manage everything on your behalf and keep you up to date with progress, through to working with you on a daily basis to manage your claim together…


What should you expect to happen throughout your insurance claim?

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