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A number of our clients have directly discussed their insurance claim experience and how Morgan Clark helped them throughout their home or business claims. Watch our clients’ videos below to understand how they felt and how they got through their insurance claims.

If you would like to speak to one of our clients who has been through a similar situation to yours, please call us on 0808 239 2916 and we will be delighted to arrange this.

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Fire insurance claim testimonial - Jim & Jan

Jim and Jan talk about their experience when a thatched roof fire practically destroyed their home and the crucial help they received from Morgan Clark.

Commercial flood insurance claim testimonial - Stoneworld Ltd

Following a major flood that destroyed vital stock and equipment, Sharma turned to Morgan Clark to safeguard the future of her business.

Fire insurance claim testimonial - Ted & Wendy

Ted and Wendy recall their experience when a firework caused a devastating fire at their home and they turned to Morgan Clark to restore their home.

Landlord fire insurance claim testimonial - Mrs Evans

Mrs Evans talks through her experience as a landlord having to make a fire insurance claim and the peace of mind it gave her having Morgan Clark on her side.

Fire insurance claim testimonial - Jane Bird

When Jane had an explosion at her home she had no idea where to turn until she came across Morgan Clark, and she is so relieved that she did.

Fire insurance claim testimonial - Mr & Mrs Chase

When Rob and Catriona returned home from work to find their house filled with black smoke, they realised they were in no position to handle their claim alone.

Fire insurance claim testimonial - Mick & Carol

A candle caught Mick and Carol's curtain alight which led to a catastrophic fire at their home. They Found Morgan Clark's help invaluable.

Fire insurance claim testimonial - John Scruby

With little response from the insurance company, Mr Scruby appointed Morgan Clark to run his fire insurance claim and is so pleased he did.

Landlord fire insurance claim testimonial – Dom Pickett

Dom offers an account of his experience as a Landlord making an insurance claim and offers his top tip to others who find themselves in a similar position.

Commercial fire insurance claim testimonial - Turpin & Miller LLP

Turpin & Miller LLP were a third party in a fire from a building behind their property. They appointed Morgan Clark to ensure all processes were followed correctly.

Flood insurance claim testimonial - Mrs O'Halloran

Mrs O'Halloran felt she had to come back to Morgan Clark when her house flooded for the second time because she knew what a difference it made the first time.

Fire insurance claim testimonial - Kenneth & Carol

When a neighbour's fire spread to their home Kenneth and Carol put their faith in Morgan Clark and the stress was taken off their shoulders.

Flood insurance claim testimonial - David Lund

Mr Lund discusses his flood insurance claim and the incredible recovery he made with Morgan Clark on his side. The flooding was caused by a culvert becoming blocked, which affected his entire village.

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Despite all the assurances from both my broker and insurer that they had made me the best possible offer, you were still able to secure a settlement that was more than double the figures they had originally proposed. I had no idea bringing you on board would make such a big difference to the settlement.

I won't hesitate to call you. Thanks again for the great service.

Lord Alan Sugar

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