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How to ensure you are being equally represented

A major concern many policyholders have when they need to make an insurance claim, is how to ensure they are equally represented throughout the insurance claim process. After all, it is often the case that people only ever have to make one major insurance claim in a lifetime, whereas the insurance company and their Loss Adjusters are experts in insurance contract small print and law. How can anyone expect to understand as much about making an insurance claim as an expert when they have little or no experience themselves?

This is where Morgan Clark can help. As the UK’s leading firm of Loss Assessors, who exclusively represent only the interests of the public, we offer a free helpline to anyone who is in need of advice from expert insurance claim specialists.

You might be unsure about certain wording in your insurance policy, you might be concerned about whether you can claim for a particular item, you might be worried you are under insured. Whatever you are unsure about, we can help guide you and offer you advice about the steps you should take to ensure you stay in control of your claim and receive the settlement you are entitled to.

Morgan Clark offers this no-obligation, expert insurance claim advice to the public free of any charge.

  • Single point of contact.
    As our client, you will never have to go through a call centre. You will have the direct contact details of your Morgan Clark Loss Assessor and their assistant.
  • Resolving your claim as quickly as possible.
    With a coordinated team led by your Morgan Clark Loss Assessor, your claim will run smoothly and efficiently and you will receive the settlement you are owed.
  • Significant reduction in stress.
    It is easy to underestimate the time and energy that goes into running a claim. Having an expert guide you through the process will reduce this stress and allow you to focus on
    your day to day life.

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