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Insurance claim information for landlords

Insurance claim information for landlords

Impact damage insurance claims

Property damage due to impact, such as a vehicle driving into your building, needs an experienced team to assess the structural damage and ensure your property retains its full value during restoration.

Third party insurance claims

Likewise, if a third party has caused damage to your property, such as a welder causing a fire, you will need an experienced team on your side to ensure you are fully reimbursed through their insurance for the damage they have caused.

Storm damage insurance claims

Storms and hurricanes rarely cause significant structural damage to properties, but if they do, you will need to make a substantial insurance claim. It is always worthwhile seeking the advice of an insurance claim professional if you find yourself in this position to ensure your property is restored quickly.

Malicious damage and riot insurance claims

There are occasions when properties are damaged intentionally. There have been more and more cases, in recent years, where tenants have built cannabis farms in rented properties for example. As a landlord, you will find these insurance claims can result in a loss of many months’ rent. Having a Loss Assessor on your side can significantly reduce the time your property is unfit to let. 

Should you choose to appoint us to manage your claim…

You will be assigned a dedicated team of insurance claim experts, headed up by your Morgan Clark Loss Assessor. Their focus will be to speed up the insurance claim process, enabling you to re-let your property sooner.

There are a range of management styles available to you; these include anything from working in partnership with your Loss Assessor on a day-to-day basis, through to ‘armchair assistance’ where every element of your claim is managed by your Assessor and you will be updated regularly with progress.

How we will help you with your insurance claim

Our aim is to reduce the time our clients have to spend on their insurance claim. As you will have your Loss Assessor’s direct contact details, they will be your single point of contact throughout the claims process and you will no longer have to go through your insurance company’s call centre.

There will be many time-consuming elements to your insurance claim, with Morgan Clark on your side you can rely on your assessor to…

Arrange emergency works as quickly as possible

to secure your property and prevent any further damage

Ensure the full extent of damage is uncovered

to safeguard the value of your property

Handle all negotiations with your insurer

protecting your best interests

Restore your property quickly and efficiently

to enable you to re-let sooner

Doesn’t my insurance company do all this?

While many insurance companies will assist you at the outset of your claim, their only responsibility is to ensure costs are covered to restore your property/business premises. The most stressful and time-consuming day-to-day elements will be left to you to organise and oversee alone if you do not appoint a Loss Assessor…

How much will Morgan Clark charge?

Our services are free to clients who use the services of the surveyors and builders we introduce them to. These professionals will be paid by your insurer as part of your claim, and in turn, pay us a management fee for running the whole project…

What will my insurance company think if I appoint my own Loss Assessor?

There is no reason why your insurance company or Loss Adjuster should discourage you from appointing your own Loss Assessor. If your Loss Adjuster is trying to dissuade you from using our services, you should question why they are against the idea of you being equally represented. After all, a Loss Assessor can only help a policyholder claim for what is legally within their insurance contract…

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