Burst pipe insurance claim information for business owners

Burst pipe insurance claim information for business owners

Following a burst pipe at your place of business, not only will you be faced with overcoming the physical disruption, you also have a complicated insurance claim to deal with and until your insurance company is satisfied that you have met all the conditions of your insurance contract, you will not be paid anything.

Morgan Clark can protect your business against any financial loss by providing a complete claims management service. Should you appoint us, your specialist Loss Assessor will focus on safeguarding the future of your business. Our specialist consequential Loss Accountants will accurately calculate your Business Interruption claim while the physical restoration of your business is underway.

We will take the pressure off so you can focus on re-establishing your business.

How we will help you with your commercial burst pipe claim...

Our aim is to reduce the time our clients have to spend on their insurance claim. As you will have your Loss Assessor’s direct contact details, they will be your single point of contact throughout the claims process and you will no longer have to go through your insurance company’s call centre.

There will be many time-consuming elements to your insurance claim, with Morgan Clark on your side you can rely on your Assessor to…

Negotiate interim emergency payments

to maintain cash flow

Help you find alternative premises

to continue to run your business

Compile and present your insurance claim

to cover buildings, fixtures & fittings, contents and stock

Calculate your true Business Interruption claim

to protect your business against financial loss

How much will Morgan Clark charge?

Typically we charge a small percentage of the claim value, however we would always expect to more than offset our fees.

“It is common for a Loss Assessor to secure a 20 – 30% increase on an Insurance Company’s settlement offer.” Financial Mail

Why do I need Morgan Clark? Doesn’t my insurance company manage my claim?

At the outset of your claim, you might well find that your insurance company and their Loss Adjuster try to convince you that they will manage your insurance claim, and you do not need to be equally represented to be treated fairly. We explain here the elements that are ultimately your responsibility that your insurance company will not assist you with…

How badly can a delay in liability acceptance affect the future of my business?

A delay in getting liability accepted on a commercial loss can have dire consequences for any business’ future as cash flow can be impacted for several months. With a specialist commercial Loss Assessor on your side, you can be confident your claim will be processed as quickly as possible, with everything in place ready for the moment liability is accepted…

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