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Morgan Clark’s fees for landlords

By appointing Morgan Clark Loss Assessors, along with the Chartered Surveyor and builders that we introduce from our network of experts, our services will be *free to you.

Our network of experts are selected by Morgan Clark’s directors and are continually monitored to ensure each firm adheres to our stringent high standards.

The contractors who repair your property will be paid by your insurance company as part of your claim and they in turn pay us a fee for managing the network.

*If you’d like to use your own builder, your insurer’s builder or want a cash settlement, we can negotiate any of these options for you. You are still able to appoint Morgan Clark Loss Assessors to help you. In these cases, we would need to charge a small percentage of the claim value. If we have to charge a fee, we always expect it to be offset by the increase in settlement we achieve for our clients.

"It is common for a Loss Assessor to secure a 20 - 30% increase on an Insurance Company's settlement offer."

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    How does the insurance claim process work?

    In most cases, a significant insurance claim will be a once in a lifetime experience and people tend to look for reassurance about what to expect over the coming months. To be fully prepared for what lies ahead, we would always recommend speaking to an industry expert. This page has be written to give policyholders a general understanding of the insurance claim process.

    How long will it take to get back into my property?

    We have found this to be a common concern and one that most policyholders struggle to get answered by their Loss Adjuster. Industry experts at Morgan Clark can determine a good approximate timeframe by talking through the basic details of your claim.

    Will I annoy my insurer by using Morgan Clark?

    If your insurer is trying to dissuade you from using Morgan Clark, you should question why they are against the idea of you being equally represented. A Loss Assessor can only help a policyholder claim for what is legally within their insurance contract - is their reticence based on them looking to settle your claim as cheaply as possible?

    How much will Morgan Clark charge?

    Our services are free to clients who use the services of the surveyors and builders we introduce them to. These professionals will be paid by your insurer as part of your claim, and in turn, pay us a management fee for running the whole project.
    Your claim is in good hands