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If it’s the first time you have to make an insurance claim, there’s so much to take on board. To help you at the outset of your claim, here we have answered some of the most frequently-asked questions people in your position tend to have:

How much will Morgan Clark charge?+

Our services are free to clients who use the services of the surveyors and builders we introduce them to.

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How long will it take to get back into my property?+

We have found this to be a common concern, and one that most policyholders struggle to get answered by their Loss Adjuster. However, industry experts at Morgan Clark can determine a good approximate time frame for you by talking through the basic details of your claim. Martin Chapman, Loss Assessor at Morgan Clark talks through how long an insurance claim can take on a video linked below. Please feel free to call us for a no obligation review of your claim.

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How does the insurance claim process work?+

We understand you might be looking for reassurance about what to expect over the coming months. To be fully prepared for what lies ahead, we would always recommend speaking to an industry expert. We have also created guides to give homeowners, landlords and business owners a better understanding of the insurance claim process.

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Why do I need a Loss Assessor? Doesn’t my insurance company manage my claim for me?+

While many insurance companies will support you in the initial weeks of your claim, their only responsibility is to ensure costs are covered to restore your property and replace damaged items. As your claim progresses, you may be left with the most stressful and time consuming day-to-day elements to organise and oversee alone if you do not appoint a Loss Assessor.

Will using a Loss Assessor have an impact on the payout I receive from my insurance company?+

In the vast majority of cases, a Morgan Clark Loss Assessor will have a significantly positive impact on the settlement you receive.

Not only are Morgan Clark’s Loss Assessors the most experienced in the industry, we also have the best reputation and most effective methods to ensure our clients receive absolutely everything they are entitled to.

Will I annoy my insurance company by using a Loss Assessor?+

If your insurance company is trying to dissuade you from using Morgan Clark Loss Assessors, you should question why they are against the idea of you being equally represented. After all, a Loss Assessor can only help a policyholder claim for what is legally within their insurance contract. Is their reticence based on them looking to settle your claim as cheaply as possible?

Can’t I deal directly with my insurance company now, and come back to Morgan Clark later if I need you?+

Ideally, the sooner Morgan Clark gets involved to help you with your claim, the better. Unfortunately, the point at which some policyholders call us for help can be too far into the claims process. Morgan Clark can undertake the management of a claim further down the line in some cases, however this is not recommended. If you are unsure about using our services, you are very welcome to call us for a no-obligation review of your claim to date, you will then have all the information to make your decision.

Which insurers and Loss Adjusters have Morgan Clark worked with?+

Morgan Clark has a reputation in the insurance industry for independence and professionalism. We are highly-respected for taking a carefully-measured negotiating approach which is not confrontational. As a result, we have developed an excellent working relationship with insurers and their Loss Adjusters across the UK, which means we achieve the best outcome for our clients.

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The insurance company has rejected my claim. Can they do this?+

Yes, unfortunately in some circumstances they can. An insurance policy is a contract, or agreement, between two parties. So as one of those parties, if the insurance company considers that you have not kept to your side of the bargain then they can deny a claim – for example, if they believe the claim is not covered by the policy, or if they suspect fraud. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are right or justified in doing this and that is precisely where Morgan Clark can help; we will provide professional representation for you and fight to have your claim settled properly. If you find yourself in this position, our advice would simply be to contact us for a no-obligation review of your claim.

What will it cost me if I lose?+

On the rare occasions that neither your insurer nor any other party is liable for your losses, we make no charge for our services. Our fees section will give you a more in-depth explanation.

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Despite all the assurances from both my broker and insurer that they had made me the best possible offer, you were still able to secure a settlement that was more than double the figures they had originally proposed. I had no idea bringing you on board would make such a big difference to the settlement.

I won’t hesitate to call you. Thanks again for the great service.

Lord Alan Sugar

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