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Successful fire claim in rental property leads to further referrals



Mr Knee

Darlington, County Durham

“We wouldn’t have been able to achieve that figure without Morgan Clark on our side”

Mr Knee

Mr Knee owns a three-bed property in County Durham, which he rents out. When a tenant accidentally set a chip pan alight and started a fire in the property, he was left facing a damaged house and a large fire insurance claim.

The fire caused extensive damage to the property, which also meant that Mr Knee was temporarily unable to let the house. This led to a loss of income from rent in addition to the costs of repairing the fire damage.


The claim

The claim was handled by Mr Knee’s business partner, Mr Mather, who rents out the Darlington property on his behalf. He contacted the Insurance Broker on behalf of Mr Knee, who recommended that he appoint a Loss Assessor due to the size of the claim.

Mr Mather, who had never heard of a Loss Assessor before, carried out some research and spoke to three different companies about their Loss Assessment services. He decided to hand the claim to Morgan Clark because he felt they were the best fit of the three and would do the best job.

Morgan Clark took over the claims process and began to make a case for Mr Knee’s property, handling all negotiations on behalf of the client. They appointed Bedfords Surveyors to prepare a reinstatement specification, which was submitted to tender to determine the cost of repairs to the property.


The results

Mr Knee eventually chose to take a cash settlement for damage and repairs, which was agreed at £76,466.14. He also received a further settlement of £4,275 for the loss of rent.

Both parties were very happy with the outcome of the claim and the assistance provided by Morgan Clark throughout the claims process. According to Mr Mather Morgan Clark’s services “made a significant difference. They maximised the claim and removed the negotiations we would need to have made with the insurance company. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve that figure without Morgan Clark on our side. Alongside this, they completely took the stress away from us and dealt with it between themselves, which is beyond helpful in a situation like this. They know how the system works and you can leave them to it. I would highly recommend Morgan Clark.”

Happy with the service provided by Morgan Clark, Mr Mather has since appointed Morgan Clark to handle other clients’ cases, including one that is still ongoing.

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