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Dealing with a difficult Loss Adjuster to claim £60,000



Ms M


“This entire process took over my life and, without Morgan Clark, I don’t know how I would have done it.”

Ms M

When Ms M noticed a large escape of water in her home, she needed to claim for water damage on her home insurance policy. The escape of water was deep under the concrete of her home’s ground floor and affected the entire floor of the house.

The Claim:

The leak had been going on for around 9 months before Ms M noticed the problem. It was only when she began to smell damp throughout the house and noticed a pool of water under the house that the issue was identified. By this time, the damage was already significant.

During the initial stages of the claim, Ms M found that the insurer and the Loss Adjuster appointed to investigate the insurance claim became difficult to deal with and she began having serious problems.

When a friend informed Ms M that she had the right to hire independent help with the claim, she began researching options and found Morgan Clark. She decided to hire one of our experienced Loss Assessors to help manage the claim.


The Results:

Having never experienced anything like this before, Ms M was unsure whether to believe what the Loss Adjuster was telling her or whether they were acting in the insurance company’s best interests. After the settlement of her claim, Ms M explained she was “so grateful to have an experienced and knowledgeable professional taking the lead to represent our best interests, which is exactly what Morgan Clark did”.

Morgan Clark took over the entire case and instantly took away much of the stress for Ms M. With Morgan Clark’s help, Ms M’s claim was successful and she received circa £60,000 for the building repairs needed. After the difficulties encountered in the claims process before Morgan Clark arrived, Ms M says that she “cannot imagine how much more stressful or consuming this would have been without Morgan Clark’s help” and that she will be “forever grateful for the support Morgan Clark gave [her]”.

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