House fire - £225,000 buildings, contents and alternative accommodation claim



Mrs Osbourne


"I am absolutely certain that, if we had been handling this claim ourselves, we would not have ended up with the house we now have. We had no experience of making such a large claim and we didn't know what to do."

Mrs Osbourne

The couple realised the insurance claim was too complicated for them to manage themselves. After reviewing what was available, they appointed Morgan Clark to handle it on their behalf.

The claim 

Morgan Clark then took over every aspect of the claim from the couple. They:

  • Acted swiftly to overcome urgent problems, supervising a fire & flood restoration contractor to carry out emergency ‘make-safe’ work.
  • Found temporary accommodation nearby which Mr & Mrs Osbourne could move into immediately.
  • Carried out a full assessment of the damage and loss and compiled the very complicated insurance claim on behalf of the couple.
  • Advised on the appointment of specialist chartered surveyors to carry out the restoration work.

The results

Mr & Mrs Osbourne received full settlement of their insurance claim and the house was restored to its original condition. The couple were also able to use this as a cost-effective opportunity to build an extension and carry out major alterations to their house. They have now moved back into a more luxurious home than before.

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