Cricket club fire - £161,000 settlement



Cricket club


"The insurance company contested liability, but Morgan Clark was able to prove full compliance with the policy. As a result, a substantial cash settlement was successfully negotiated."

Cricket club

The insurer’s loss adjuster immediately rejected the claim, stating that the policy’s security conditions had been breached. The committee felt out of their depth dealing with this and, to protect the interest of their members, felt they needed professional help. They therefore turned to Morgan Clark to take over the claim.

The claim

Morgan Clark proved that the policy conditions had been complied with. It then started negotiations with the loss adjuster for a substantial cash settlement covering both the building and contents which, when combined with fundraising, would cover the costs of building a new pavilion.

Morgan Clark also handled tenders and quotes for the new pavilion.

The results

The insurance company agreed to the full settlement figure of £161,000 and, after a successful fundraising campaign, the Club now has a modern purpose-built pavilion.

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