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Manchester: Fire and smoke damage in rental property: £80,000 claim

“We cannot thank Morgan Clark enough for completely taking the stress and worry out of the otherwise very stressful situation for us.”

North Yorkshire: Extensive fire damage in North Yorkshire: £250,000 insurance claim

"We can’t thank you enough for your commitment."

Somerset: Underinsurance on a property fire claim: A settlement increase of over £62,000

“It was Morgan Clark’s professional understanding that helped get the final decision we got.”

Darlington, County Durham: Successful fire claim in rental property leads to further referrals

“We wouldn’t have been able to achieve that figure without Morgan Clark on our side”

Surrey: Fire in three-bedroomed rented house - £92,000 buildings claim plus landlord's contents and loss of income

“From our point of view it was painless. We could put it to one side, knowing it was in the hands of Morgan Clark. They lifted the entire burden of managing the process.”

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