Gilbert Theodore

Loss Assessor

0203 582 6488

Gilbert joined Morgan Clark with 25 years experience in the insurance industry ranging across underwriting, sales, brokering, loss adjusting and Loss Assessing. This experience gives him a deep insight into consumer rights, complaint handling procedures and dispute resolution that regularly benefits our clients.

“Three years working for the Financial Ombudsman Service really opened my eyes to just how many claims end in some form of dispute between claimants and their insurers. Even where an insurance contract exists between the two parties and the insurer has paid their Loss Adjuster to oversee a claim, the potential for disagreement and / or poor service, is still extremely high”..”

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“Gilbert has been persistent, friendly, conciliatory and professional and probably got us the best result in the circumstances.”

Mr Sykes

“I cannot thank Gilbert enough for all he did to help us though this very trying and stressful experience. He was amazing – good humoured, knowledgeable, efficient & thoroughly professional throughout. I could not have done this without Morgan Clark’s representation and specifically Gilbert’s guidance. I would not hesitate to recommend Morgan Clark to anyone in our situation. We are so grateful to the company. I don’t like to think how stressful the process would have been without Gilbert to represent our interests and to advise us every step of the way. We won’t forget how much he helped us.”

Ms Mottashed

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Despite all the assurances from both my broker and insurer that they had made me the best possible offer, you were still able to secure a settlement that was more than double the figures they had originally proposed. I had no idea bringing you on board would make such a big difference to the settlement.

I won’t hesitate to call you. Thanks again for the great service.

Lord Alan Sugar

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Why choose us

A single point

of contact

As our client, you will never have to go through a call centre. You will have the direct contact details of your Morgan Clark Loss Assessor and their assistant.

Resolving your claim as

quickly as possible

With a coordinated team led by your Morgan Clark Loss Assessor, your claim will run smoothly and efficiently and you will receive the settlement you are owed.

Being equally


Without Morgan Clark on your side, you will be negotiating with the Loss Adjuster alone. Would you consider going to court without a solicitor
on your side?

Unrivalled industry


Having dealt with insurance companies and Loss Adjusters since 1999, Morgan Clark’s team have established an industry-wide reputation as the UK’s leading
Loss Assessors.

Keeping you

in control

You choose the way your claim is managed – some people like to manage each step with their Loss Assessor, others prefer to let their Assessor take the reins completely – the choice is yours.

Significant reduction

in stress

It is easy to underestimate the time and energy that goes into running a claim. Having an expert guide you through the process will reduce this stress and allow you to focus on
your day to day life.

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