Loss Assessors Nottinghamshire

Loss Assessors Nottinghamshire

Sometimes insurance claims proceed without too many problems. With others, it’s obvious right from the start that the process is going to be more difficult – and this is exactly what a couple in Nottinghamshire faced after a fire at their home. When they realised the problems they were likely to encounter, they turned to Morgan Clark.

Morgan Clark is a firm of professional loss assessors who will take over your insurance claim, handling everything for you. Our locally-based team will handle all negotiations with your insurer and their loss adjuster, as well as overseeing the reinstatement of your home or business premises.

Mr & Mrs Dyer had an unoccupied annexe in their garden in which they occasionally stored seasonal clothes. To protect these, they used a de-humidifier regularly for short periods. One afternoon it caught fire, causing extensive damage to the building and all the contents. But they were reassured by the fact that they had taken out separate insurance for the annexe and its contents.

Professional help was needed

Mr Dyer contacted their insurer who immediately told him that he was under-insured. Then the insurer’s loss adjuster visited and implied that they had set fire to the annexe deliberately. It was at this point that Mr & Mrs Dyer decided to use a loss assessor and, after speaking in length to Morgan Clark, appointed them to handle the insurance claim.

After a detailed forensic examination, the loss adjuster accepted that the de-humidifier had indeed caught fire. In addition, after lengthy negotiations, the insurer accepted the argument that the main house’s cover for temporary removal of contents applied to the clothes stored in the annexe.

In the end, Mr & Mrs Dyer received £85,000, which was exactly what they were entitled to under the terms of their contents and buildings insurance policies. According to Mr Dyer, “At the beginning I wondered if I would get anything out of the insurer and in the end I received what I believed I was due.”

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