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What does a claims adjuster do?

A claims adjuster – also known as a Loss Adjuster – is an insurance professional employed by insurers to help with the claims investigation process. Since home insurance claims tend to be large and complicated, the claims adjuster takes on the role of investigating the claim and its validity on behalf of the insurance company.


A claims adjuster is an independent party who works with – not directly for – an insurance company. The claims adjuster works for an external company, which will be contracted by the insurance company to handle the claim, and therefore is supposed to act as an impartial third party in the claims process. Although the claims adjuster is supposed to remain impartial in the claims process, it is likely that they will want to keep the insurer who employed them happy to increase the chance of being hired again.


If you make a claim on your home insurance, there’s a good chance that you’ll have more interaction with the appointed claims adjuster than the insurance company itself. As soon as a case has been opened, the claims adjuster will most likely be the person who visits your home to investigate the insurance claim. The claims adjuster will assess every part of the claim, from checking that the policyholder has adequate insurance to cover the damage to ensuring that the policy conditions have been met. Once a full assessment has been made, the claims adjuster will send a report to the insurance company so they can decide on the amount owed to the policyholder.


During the claims process, the claims adjuster may advise the homeowner or policy holder on any safety and security measures needed to prevent further loss or damage. They may also share advice on any repair work.


If your insurance company appoints a claims adjuster to handle your home insurance claim, you do not need to worry. Home insurance claims for burst pipes, flooding or fire damage can be complicated, and it is very normal for an insurer to appoint a claims adjuster to investigate cases of a certain size. If you find yourself dealing with a claims adjuster, these tips will help make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.


If you would like help with a home insurance claim, you can employ a Loss Assessor to protect your interests. A Loss Assessor, such as Morgan Clark, will handle the claims process on your behalf in a similar way to that in which a claims adjuster will handle the claim for the insurance company. The main difference is that, while a claims adjuster should remain impartial, a Loss Assessor works directly for you and in your best interests.


If you need to claim on your home insurance, get in touch to find out more about our Loss Assessor services and see how we can help you through the insurance claims process.

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