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Use candles safely this Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and, tonight, people will be lighting candles up and down the country to set a romantic mood. However, a romantic evening in can quickly turn into a disaster if proper care isn’t taken around candles. A little extra care can be the difference between a truly romantic Valentine’s Day and one you remember for all the wrong reasons. Here’s how to use candles safely this Valentine’s Day so you can enjoy your night without worry.


Make sure you use a sturdy candle holder

On TV and in films, characters often dot candles around the house in anticipation of a romantic night at home. They rarely use candle holders, but don’t make this mistake yourself. If you don’t have a sturdy holder for your candles, it might be best to skip them entirely. What’s worse – a Valentine’s Day without candles or a romantic night ruined by fire?


Keep your candles away from anything flammable

Cards, curtains and furniture are all flammable, so keep your candles well away from them. A small breeze from the front door can easily knock over the card your wife bought you, so make sure there are no candles close by just in case. She might me mad that you burned her card, but she’ll be even more upset if you burn the house down!

Other loose items such as curtains and clothing can also pose a fire risk. Keep your candles far enough from the windows that the curtains can’t reach them and be careful when removing scarves and other accessories around burning candles.


Only light the candles once the kids are in bed

Like anything new or shiny, candles are very tempting for little ones and there’s a good chance your kids will be curious. The best way to avoid a nasty accident is to remove the temptation and wait until they’re safely in bed before lighting them. Not only will it remove the risk of them touching it, but it will also mean you are less distracted when lighting and placing the candles.


Don’t leave lit candles unattended

Just as you wouldn’t leave your cooking unattended, don’t leave a room full of candles without someone watching. It only takes one second for the worst to happen. Being in the room can be the difference between preventing all but the smallest damage and dealing with a full blown house fire. Even if you think the candles are secure, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. And, of course, don’t forget to blow them all out when you go to bed!


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