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Too many claims….too little attention

The recent extreme cold weather has led to a massive rise in the number of insurance claims for burst pipes, and insurance companies are finding it difficult to cope. As a result, they are re-directing claimants’ questions to their websites – and this could seriously affect the likely success of an insurance claim.

Insurance companies are admitting that they don’t have time to help claimants in the aftermath of the recent cold weather. They’ve been inundated with claims for burst pipes and consequently are asking customers to visit websites for answers to questions instead of calling them.

Compiling an insurance claim is not a simple procedure and no online Q&A facility can possibly answer all a householder’s questions. So the advice is: if you need to make an insurance claim and you’re finding it difficult to manage, then contact Morgan Clark for professional help.

Morgan Clark is a highly-experienced professional firm of loss assessors which takes over insurance claims on behalf of its clients. It takes away the burden of compiling a complicated claim and represents a claimant’s best interests to secure the maximum settlement possible under the terms of the existing insurance policy.

Visit the section on our home insurance claims management service to find out more.

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