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The role of the surveyor in an insurance claim

When you make a claim on your home insurance, your insurance company will follow a number of steps to reach a decision on how much compensation you should be paid. Before being able to make you an offer for the damage caused, they will need to investigate the claim and assess the total loss caused. This will include a number of steps such as validating the claim, investigating the damage caused and calculating the costs incurred because of the damage.


Whether you’re facing a fire insurance claim or damage from an escape of water, each home insurance claim is unique. This means that the claims process can be long and complicated as your insurance company builds up evidence to validate your claim and make a final decision on how much you are entitled to. This also means that a home insurance claim can involve a number of other people along the way, especially if the property needs a lot of work or there is any kind of dispute.


One person that you are likely to encounter during a home insurance claim is a surveyor. The surveyor will be sent to assess the damage to your building before any repairs are carried out. The surveyor does not work directly for the insurance company and is supposed to offer impartial guidance on any action needed. They might be appointed by the insurance company, however ultimately it is up to you as the homeowner who works on your property. For a truly independent representation, we would always recommend a policyholder appoints their own surveyor. Regardless of whether you choose to appoint us as your loss assessor, we can introduce you to surveyors that we have worked with for many years, who are experienced and independent.

The role of the surveyor in the insurance claim process

A surveyor’s role is to carry out a physical study of the damaged property. After visiting the property to assess the loss and action needed to repair or replace the damage, the surveyor will prepare a ‘schedule of works’ report. Once the surveyor has compiled their report, they will present this to the insurer. The surveyor will put the ‘schedule of works’ out to tender and contractors will be given the opportunity to bid for the work. As long as the contractor’s bid is competitive, the homeowner is able to appoint the firm they feel most comfortable with.


There is no obligation to appoint your own surveyor, but doing so can give you peace of mind, ensuring that the insurer is abiding by their obligations and that the work carried out at your property is of the highest standard.


Appointing a surveyor is just one of the many things that Morgan Clark can help with when you’re making a claim on your home insurance. Get in touch to find out how one of our experienced Loss Assessors can handle your insurance claim for you and take some of the stress off of your shoulders. Check out our client case studies to see how we have helped other homeowners with all parts of the insurance claims process, including dealing with surveyors, or contact us to find out more.

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