The job satisfaction of a loss assessor

March 23, 2015 10:02 am

We’ve written before about the huge satisfaction we get from helping our clients put their lives and homes back together after a traumatic experience such as a fire or flood. We always ask them to fill in a questionnaire once the project is completed to tell us their honest opinion of our service, but sometimes they want to express their feelings more fully.

We had a really heart-warming letter recently from a client. Here are just a few excerpts:

“This is now the opportunity for us to write and express our very warm and appreciative thanks to you for the excellent support and service provided from the day of our fire right through to the final settlement of invoices.

“Dealing with the aftermath of our house fire was traumatic and all-consuming for us, as you understood it would be. We were very grateful for your support and kindness that first weekend, and when your firm arranged for all the professionals to be there at 9am on the Monday morning (including of course yourself) it was such a relief for us to know that the salvage work and planning for and carrying out of the house reinstatement was in such capable hands.

“You were very patient with the demands and complexities of our claim throughout the planning and carrying out of the reinstatement works – and subsequently – and you were always ready to sort out our queries. We particularly appreciated the painstaking work put into our contents claims.

“So this comes to you with our heartfelt thanks…We take such pleasure being in this house which has been ours since 1975 – and this pleasure is shared by our daughters and their families who come and go frequently.”

It’s so rewarding to know that we’ve helped to make a terrible experience so much easier to deal with.