The dangers of social media

It’s that time of year when our minds start to turn to booking holidays. Easter is only a few weeks away and then the season starts in earnest.

Home security is always a niggling worry when you go away. But these days it’s even easier for thieves to work out when your home is empty because of what you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest.

I came across a great explanation of the dangers of giving away too much information on social media. It’s on the Neighbourhood Watch website and it shows really clearly how burglars are using social media to their advantage: you can find it by clicking here.

We’ve written before about the dangers of social media. In brief, thieves work out that you’re away because your tweets or posts reveal that your house is empty as you’re telling the world the fact that you’re having a wonderful time on holiday.

To summarise Neighbourhood Watch’s advice:

  • Don’t automatically share location advice on social media.
  • Don’t share your address.
  • Consider only sharing information with friends (not ‘friends of friends’).
  • Consider taking a vacation from social media when you go on holiday.
  • Share your photos after your holiday, not while you’re away.

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