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When people contact us for help with an insurance claim, they are usually incredibly stressed and going through a really difficult time. They’ve often lost nearly everything they possess, and while they are trying to get their lives sorted out, they’re also being asked by their insurer for a detailed inventory to support their insurance claim.

But sometimes our clients have a much easier time – and that’s because they’ve prepared well for the unexpected. So the best advice we can give is to make – and keep up-to-date – an inventory of your most valuable possessions, which you can immediately produce in the event of a fire, flood or theft. Keep receipts as well, which prove exactly what you paid for the items and minimise the likelihood of any disputes over value.

But even better: take some photos which you can use to support your claim. Every time you buy something valuable, take a quick shot of it. Keep these photos somewhere safe – these days, it’s a good idea to store them electronically in ‘the Cloud’, for example on a photo-sharing website, so there’s no chance of them being destroyed or damaged.

It might never happen to you, but if it does then this removes one problem from what can be a very difficult process.

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