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Summer Holiday Home Security Tips

A summer holiday is something that many of us look forward to all year long. It’s a chance to escape, relax and spend some quality time with our loved ones. But nothing can ruin a trip more than coming home to find something terrible has happened to your home while you were away.

It’s something we all hope will never happen to us, but taking a few precautions before you go will help you enjoy your summer holiday fully without worrying about what’s going on back home. No matter how far you’re going or how long you’re going for, these home security tips will help keep your home safe and give you peace of mind while you’re away.


Unplug your appliances

Electrical equipment is one of the biggest causes of fire in the home. Avoid any sudden outbreaks from faulty appliances or overloaded plug sockets by switching off anything that doesn’t need to be left on while you’re away.


Avoid posting details on social media

We all want to share our excitement about our upcoming trip with our friends, but are they the only ones who see your Facebook updates or Instagram feed? If you can’t be sure that your social media posts can only be seen by people you know and trust, you might want to think twice before sharing dates and other details about your holiday online.

If in doubt, save the selfies and social media updates for when you get back from your holiday. As well as preventing potential thieves from finding out your home is unoccupied, you’ll get to relive the experience when you return.


Have someone on standby

If you have a close friend, neighbour or family member nearby, ask them to check on your home while you’re away. They can clear any junk mail from the doorstep, put the bins out on collection day and make the house look lived in.

Knowing they’ve got an eye on everything will also stop you worrying about any potential problems while you’re away, too. Plus, a bunch of flowers or a small thank you gift from your travels is a much cheaper price to pay than claiming on your home insurance when you get back.


Be wary of clues

The majority of burglaries take place in unoccupied properties, so making your home look occupied while you’re away can stop you from becoming a victim. Be careful not to give away any signs that the house is going to be unoccupied in the lead-up to your departure. Luggage left in a car overnight, a house that’s completely in darkness and an unemptied bin are all clues that can give away your summer holiday plans.


Check your home insurance policies

Before you go, make sure your home and contents insurance policies are up-to-date and kept somewhere safe just in case the worst should happen. It may help to have a digital copy that you can access while you’re away or a hard copy that you can leave with a friend or family member.


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