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Sporting fever and insurance claims

So the England football team have left for Miami where they are preparing – and perhaps more importantly acclimatising – for the World Cup. Now we face several weeks of wall-to-wall coverage, with the knock-on effect of youngsters (and perhaps the not-so-young) pretending to be budding Rooneys or Gerrards in their back gardens. And at the same time, we’re going to see Andy Murray defending his Wimbledon title. We’re set for a summer of sporting fever.

This reminded me of a news story we covered a few years ago, which highlighted the fact that accidental damage claims rose by 10 per cent over summer holidays. These were mostly caused by mishaps with footballs or tennis balls in the garden.

The advice then was to ensure children played ball games well away from the house, greenhouse or conservatory – or to ask them to use a softer ball. So now would seem like a good time to issue the same advice.

And I predict that Murray will lose in the semis and England won’t get that far!

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