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Some New Year’s resolutions

Every year I make various New Year’s resolutions, and mostly I don’t keep to them. Some have been successful, such as always taking my own bags to the supermarket; others, such as watching less rubbish TV, seem to be forgotten by the second week of January.

When it comes to insurance and protecting your home and valuables, then New Year is a good time to take stock. So here are a few suggestions for New Year’s resolutions which aren’t hard to stick to and might help you avoid or ease the process of making an insurance claim:

  1. Have a really good look at your level of insurance and particularly ensure that it reflects all your current possessions and their true value. Remember that jewellery increases in value – particularly gold.
  2. When the time comes this year to renew your insurance, don’t just go for the best deal. This could be a false economy. Check the small print; look at the excess you would have to pay; compare this fantastic new deal with your existing policy – are you fully covered?
  3. Collect together all your vital documents which you would need if something happened, and put them in a fireproof and waterproof box. You’ll need them straight away if disaster strikes.
  4. What’s your security like? Do you have locks on all your windows and substantial locks on all your doors? Have they worked loose? You may never have been burgled to date, but it could still happen – so make it difficult for anyone to break in.
  5. We deal with so many claims for fires caused by kitchen appliances. So stop using the dishwasher, washing machine or tumble drier while you’re asleep.
  6. Set a regular time for testing you smoke alarm. If you haven’t got one, then install one.
  7. We’re only half way through winter, and there is still plenty of bad weather to come. So don’t delay those long-delayed repairs to your fences again, and clear out your gutters: this could reap huge rewards if a storm hits.
  8. Make backing up your computer files a regular thing: this year, decide to do it once a week, or once a month, but keep to it. You’d regret it if your computer was stolen, or if it crashed and the data and photos on it were unrecoverable.
  9. Check your pipes and replace any lagging that’s got worn or loose. It’s never too late, so make this a regular January action.
  10. And finally: call the chimney sweep. Chimney fires can be catastrophic – it’s another common cause of the fire claims we have to deal with.


All of us at Morgan Clark wish you all the very best for a safe and secure 2013.

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