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Selfie sticks and insurance

Call me old fashioned, but I’m just not into this trend of taking ‘selfies’. And as for using selfie sticks, well I’m in total agreement with some of the venerable institutions around the world which have banned them: Wimbledon, the Palace of Versailles, Wembley Stadium and even Arsenal and Manchester United (the first and only time I’ll agree with the last two….).

So some recent news may help to dissuade happy snappers from using selfie sticks: apparently insurers are starting to refuse to pay out for stolen mobile phones if they were grabbed from the end of a selfie stick. This is based on the argument that owners didn’t take ‘reasonable care’ with them because they weren’t within their reach when they were stolen.

The Financial Ombudsman has even stepped into this debate, with a spokesman stating that there can be an issue if the gadget was on the end of a selfie stick when stolen – this could be deemed as not taking reasonable care. But it has also said that insurers should bring any relevant clauses to a customer’s attention and be ‘fair and reasonable when applying them’.

You have been warned.

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