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Don’t forget the small print

Don’t ignore the small print on a commercial insurance policy, and review it regularly to ensure you still comply with all your policy’s terms. This is the advice of leading loss assessors Morgan Clark, who have seen many companies suffer financially from this oversight.

Insurance companies are very strict on the enforcement of the small print in commercial policies. Unfortunately policyholders all too often ignore or forget key clauses: this is highly likely to have a significant impact on a subsequent insurance claim or even make it invalid.

The advice from Morgan Clark is to review policies and re-read the small print regularly. Check, for example, that you are still compliant with security stipulations or meet the requirements for the servicing of equipment.

If however you have made an insurance claim and are experiencing a problem connected with non-compliance, then it would help to have an expert on your side. Morgan Clark has worked with organisations in this position and can use their experience to negotiate a better settlement for you.

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