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Remember to back up your digital content

I’ve just read some incredible statistics from a recent report: apparently two billion pieces of digital media content have been lost in the last two years by people in the UK. The potential value of this content is over £1 billion. And this just shows how we rely increasingly on our various laptops, tablets and mobile phones to hold what used to be tucked away in albums and hi-fi cabinets.

The research, which was carried out by Sainsbury’s Bank home insurance, suggests that most of this content was lost as a result of electronic devices being damaged, lost or stolen and where the content was not recoverable.

The statistics show that, over the last two years, Brits have lost:

  • 759 million photographs.
  • Over one billion songs.
  • 7.9 million films.
  • 17.9 million apps.


Insurers have now introduced home insurance policies which include cover for the loss of digital content, and we would recommend this to anyone who has electronic devices. But even the best insurance policy can never replace cherished memories. So the advice is to make sure digital content is regularly backed up, either on external hard drives, memory sticks or in the ‘cloud’.

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