Raining toads and frogs.

September 14, 2012 3:20 pm

Forget your usual heavy rain and floods.
We’ve taken a look at some of the more freakish weather stories from around the world that defy all rational explanation.
There have been thousands of reports of bizarre weather including that of frog rain, fish rain, worm rain and even alligator rain.

Despite sounding mythical, there has been a somewhat scientific explanation for these phenomena.
It’s been said that tornadoes or strong whirlwinds are able to pick up the animals from a shallow body of water and carry them – sometimes hundreds of miles – before dropping them off onto a baffled populace.

Here is a selection of some of the more peculiar reports:
• In 1901 Minneapolis in the USA was pelted with frogs and toads. A report stated that they were falling from a huge green mass in the sky. Once the storm was over, residents found a collection of the most striking variety of frogs three inches deep, covering an area of more than four blocks making travel impossible.
• In 1981 citizens of a city in southern Greece were surprised when they awoke to find small green frogs landing in trees and plopping onto the streets. The Greek Meteorological Institute surmised that they were picked up by a strong wind – it must have been a very strong wind as the specie of frog was native to North Africa!
• A powerful whirlwind might explain a rain of small fish, but it cannot account for the ones that fell on a village in India. As many as 10 people reported picking up fish that weighed as much as eight pounds that had come crashing down on them.
• Golfers dread gathering clouds and rain that might ruin their game, but imagine the dismay of several golfers in Bournemouth in 1948 who received a shower of herring.
• In 1956 in an otherwise clear sky in Alabama, a lady and her husband watched as a small dark cloud formed in the sky before releasing its contents of catfish, bass and bream onto the ground below- all of the fish alive. The dark cloud then turned to white before disappearing.
• In 1881 a thunderstorm in Worcester, England, brought down tons of periwinkles and hermit crabs.
• In 1996 in a town in southern Tasmania, residents woke up after a night of violent thunderstorms to find a strange, white-clear jelly-like substance on their property. Apparently, it had rained either fish eggs or baby jellyfish.
• In 1877 several one-foot-long alligators fell on a farm in South Carolina. The New York Times reported they landed unharmed and started crawling around.
• In 2011 residents were stunned when it started raining apples in Coventry. Traffic had to stop and people walked outside to slush covering their driveways.
• In 2011 in Edinburgh a PE class was interrupted when worms started falling from the sky onto the Astroturf.

Fact or fiction?
Your guess is as good as ours, but we’ve definitely not handled any claims for any of the above!