With travel restrictions beginning to lift, many of us are itching to get away this summer. And, with most of us barely leaving our homes for the last few months, it’s even more crucial to make sure everything is secure when you go.

Whether it’s a local holiday or somewhere further afield, here is everything you need to know about preventing burglaries while you’re on holiday.

Don’t make it obvious that you’re away

The majority of burglaries take place in unoccupied properties, so making your home look lived in is one of the best ways to deter would-be burglars.

There are many ways to make it look like someone is home when you are, in fact, on holiday. Try to avoid doing anything that would make it obvious that you’re away for an extended period of time. If you have automatic timer switches, use these to set your lights to turn on at night.

Don’t make it easy to enter

If it’s easy to break into your property, an opportunist is more likely to do so. Before you go on holiday, try to remove any hiding places or easy access points that could make a burglar’s job easier. Put away any ladders or DIY tools that could be used to force entry and cut back any plants that could act as a hiding place.

Cancel any deliveries

Unsuccessful deliveries are a clear sign that nobody is home. If you have any scheduled deliveries, such as newspaper or other subscription services, make sure you cancel or reschedule them before you go.

Hide valuables out of sight

One of the easiest ways to prevent a burglary in your home while you’re on holiday is to hide your valuables away. If a potential thief can’t see what’s inside your home, they’re less likely to risk breaking in. Make sure you put all jewellery, laptops and other valuables somewhere they cannot be seen. This includes all items that may look valuable, too, even if they’re not actually worth much.

Stay off social media

We all want to share our holidays with friends and family, but try to delay until you get back. Sharing upcoming holiday plans or photos from your trip on social media is like announcing your home’s emptiness to the world. Even if you think you’re sharing images and plans privately, try to delay the sharing until you’re back home.

Ask a trusted neighbour or friend to look out for your property

You may not be able to look out for your home while you’re away, but that doesn’t mean someone else can’t. If you have a neighbour or nearby friend or family member who you can trust, ask them to walk past the house to check on it while you’re away.

If you’re away on your local bin collection day, it may be a good idea for them to put your bin out and take it in at the end of the day to make your home look lived in.

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