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New safety scheme for landlords

There’s been a lot in the news recently about the increase in rented properties across the UK. We also hear time and again about fires or carbon monoxide accidents in the rental sector. So it was good to read about a new scheme launched with the support of the Chief Fire Officers Association in conjunction with the UK’s fire and rescue services.

The Blue Watch scheme is specifically aimed at helping landlords, letting agents and tenants make their properties safer from the risks of fire and carbon monoxide. The website for the scheme – www. Bluewatch.co.uk – is full of really helpful advice for making homes safer, as well as giving guidance for landlords on their safety responsibilities.

Blue Watch validation scheme

As part of this, Blue Watch is launching a validation scheme which will comprise a ‘trusted fire safety expert’ visiting a property to assess its safety. If the property passes the inspection, the landlord will be able to display proof that all the correct safety products and procedures are in place. It’s hoped that eventually the Blue Watch symbol will be a key criterion for tenants when they choose a property to rent.

We’ve worked with many landlords over the years who have discharged their responsibilities fully but have been hit by unforeseen accidents. We really welcome this initiative and hope it will improve the safety record of the rental sector.

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