Morgan Clark in the news

March 21, 2014 7:46 am

We recently handled a claim which has now been featured in an article in The Observer. It was a very complex claim and it’s true to say that, if we hadn’t stepped in, then it’s possible the policyholders would have lost everything they own.

The case involved Drew and Elizabeth Thomson whose house in West Sussex was ravaged by fire, causing £500,000 of damage. The couple were living at the time in the USA because of a job relocation and they had rented their home out.

Initially the insurance company refused to consider the claim and employed solicitors to prove that Mr & Mrs Thomson had been negligent over electrical repairs to the property. And while this was happening, the house was becoming more damaged by weather, rental income had stopped, and the tenants were seeking damages for loss of their possessions.

The couple turned to Morgan Clark and, after a meticulous search of documents, we put a case together to prove that all necessary repairs had been carried out over many years and these met all statutory requirements, in particular for rental properties. We then entered a period of argument, counter-argument and negotiation, and the insurers then finally agreed to consider the claim. In the end, they accepted full liability and we then oversaw the appointment of specialist surveyors and contractors to restore the property.

According to Mr Thomson, “Morgan Clark’s expertise in truly understanding the legal aspects of an insurance claim was invaluable as they represented us through the lengthy process of dealing with the insurer’s questions. The understood the ‘insurance language’, which was vital in obtaining the insurer’s acceptance of liability.

“Everyone signs up to these policies in good faith, but when they claim all that may count for precious little. If we hadn’t had expert help, I don’t know how we would have got through it.”

We handle many different types of claims and they are not often as complex as this. But whatever the background, it’s incredibly satisfying when we are able to come to a successful conclusion, as we did for Mr and Mrs Thomson.

You can read the full article in The Observer here.