Loss assessors do make all the difference

October 21, 2016 8:35 am

As loss assessors, we know the difference we make to the speedy and effective settling of an insurance claim. But it’s not always easy to prove this – until now. One lady’s experience shows just how hard it is to handle a claim by yourself – and how much easier it is if you hand it over to Morgan Clark.

Lisa Smith, who runs a successful bakery in Kendal, was recently hit by floods twice: once at home and once at her business premises. She decided to engage Morgan Clark to handle the business claim, but felt that she and her husband could manage their residential one themselves.

Her business claim is now successfully settled, while the home one drags on: “The home claim has been awful. It really shows you the difference a loss assessor can make. I honestly think that if I’d been dealing with the bakery claim by myself I would have thrown in the towel.”

It’s good to have confirmation of what we’ve always known. You can read the full story here.