Insurance claims: badgers and more

June 21, 2017 12:23 pm

Some people think that insurance is boring. Well, we don’t think so – and certainly some recent news from insurance giant Aviva shows it can be just the opposite.

They’ve released a list of the most unusual insurance claims they’ve received over the last 10 years from high net worth clients. The most bizarre was a variation on the Freddie Starr/hamster story: this time, it was ‘a badger ate my swimming pool’. Apparently the animal had got into the pool – we assume when it was empty – and chewed and scratched the lining. Badger fur left at the scene of the crime was used in evidence.

Rather more disturbing was a claim for damage caused when a harpoon gun used for scuba diving went off accidentally in a bedroom and damaged a wall and electrical wiring. The mind boggles….

They’ve also listed the most unusual items they’ve had to insure for other individuals, which include:

  • A life-size model of a brontosaurus.
  • A decommissioned MIG fighter kept in a back garden.
  • A French holiday villa rented for a week for a nudist convention.
  • A £700,000 mint-condition Star Wars collection.
  • A garage converted to display a collection of 1950s US petrol station memorabilia.

Joking apart, this story does make a serious point: you must tell your insurer about any high-value or unusual items when taking out your household insurance, otherwise they are unlikely to be covered. It’s also important to remember to tell them if you acquire any new valuable items after you’ve taken the policy out. As always, our advice is to read the small print on your insurance policy and check that you really have the right cover: if you don’t, you could face problems if you have to make a claim. If this happens, we’re only a phone call away.