Insurance and social media

We wrote recently about the dangers of posting details of your holidays on social media – it’s an open invite to burglars. And now it seems that the insurance industry is starting to take notice.

Last week the Financial Ombudsman issued a warning that insurance against burglary could be jeopardised if details of holidays are on Facebook, Twitter and similar. We’ve all seen them: smug photos in the airport departure lounge, or shots of blue sea and endless beaches taken from loungers….and apparently insurers are now checking claimants’ social media accounts to see if they made it obvious they were away at the time a burglary took place.

Most insurance policies have a clause which states that ‘reasonable care’ must be taken to protect property. So we do things like cancelling newspapers, or leaving a light on a timer, or asking a neighbour to keep an eye on our house. But then some people completely undermine this by publishing news or photos which tell the world they’re away for the next two weeks!

According to the Association of British Insurers, no claim has yet been turned down on this basis in the UK – but apparently it’s happening in the US. And as we said recently about drones…what happens in the States often appears here soon after. So you have been warned.

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