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How to stop a house insurance claim rejection

I’ve just read a useful article in The Daily Telegraph which lists top tips for ensuring your house insurance claim isn’t rejected. We come across these problems all the time and they can be easily avoided.

In summary, they are:

  • Read the terms and conditions carefully.
  • Accurately describe the way your home is built.
  • Comply with the security demands of your policy.
  • Ensure any safety features required – eg smoke alarms – are in place.
  • Don’t leave your home unoccupied for longer than allowed by the policy.
  • Keep your home well-maintained so that the insurer cannot assert ‘wear and tear’.
  • Be honest about any previous claims.
  • Remember to specify valuable items and don’t undervalue them.
  • Don’t have uninsured periods between cover.


But we would add a few more:

  • Tell your insurer everything – even a minor mistake could invalidate your claim.
  • Always tell your insurer if something changes in your life.
  • Don’t announce on social media that you’re away from home.
  • Keep a detailed inventory of your possessions – and keep photos or receipts so you can prove what you owned.
  • Review your insurance regularly to make sure it accurately reflects your home now, not a few years ago.
  • Calculate the cost of a rebuild accurately – or get professional help to do so.


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