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How to protect your business over the Christmas holiday

With the holidays approaching, we are all looking forward to some extended time away from work. Unfortunately, that time away can put your business premises at higher risk of theft, fire, flooding and other devastating incidents. Here is how to protect your business over the Christmas holiday while it’s receiving less attention from you and your employees, so you can relax and enjoy your time off without worry.

Make sure valuables are out of sight

When you shut down the office or shop for Christmas, you will probably be keen to get home as soon as possible. It’s worth taking a little more time to make sure your business is as unappealing as possible to potential thieves, though. While a break-in can happen at any time, it’s much more tempting over the Christmas period when thieves know that nobody will be around for days. Don’t make it any more tempting by leaving computers, products or anything else of value on display. 

Similarly, it is better to avoid leaving cash on-site during the Christmas period, even if it is hidden away. If you don’t need to leave any money on-site during the break, it is best to remove it from the premises.

Switch off electronics

A fire can, unfortunately, happen at any time. However, it is harder to spot the warning signs of an impending fire when you are away from the workplace for an extended period of time, such as at Christmas. The easiest way to reduce the risk of a fire breaking out at your business premises is by switching off and unplugging any electrical appliances where possible. Here are some more tips for avoiding a fire.

But don’t switch off the heating

Although a white Christmas is a rare sight in the UK, the weather is particularly unpredictable at this time of year. With temperatures plummeting, frozen pipes are more of a risk during the winter months than at any other time of year. One of the easiest ways to prevent frozen pipes – and subsequent flooding – is to leave the heating on while you are away from your workplace. If you can use a timer to set the heating to come on at a certain time every day, you can enjoy your Christmas break without worrying about returning to a burst pipe.

Make sure your security systems are working properly

You should always check your business’s security systems regularly, but make sure you give everything a thorough check before locking up for the holidays. Ensure all alarms are functioning and keep an eye out for anything that could be blocking the sensors, such as furniture you’ve recently moved or temporary Christmas decorations.

Make sure you have adequate insurance

No matter how many precautions you take, nothing can replace having adequate insurance for your business. Make sure your business insurance covers you for fire, flooding, business interruption, theft and anything else that could happen, and make sure it’s enough to replace everything if need be. If something should happen over the Christmas period, you can rest assured that you will be able to get back on track as quickly as possible.

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