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How to invite a burglar for tea.

Say hello to the digital criminal.
Unfortunately burglars are turning to Facebook and Twitter to target victims. And by sharing innocent updates on social media, we’re giving them enough information to invite themselves round for more than just a cup of tea.

Below are the five steps you should follow if you want to increase your chances of a visit:
1. Got a new iPad or expensive jewellery? Take a picture and upload it.
2. Going away? Make sure you check in at the airport so everyone knows you’re going to be out of the country.
3. Accept friend requests of people you’ve never properly met.
4. Make sure your privacy settings are set to ‘friends of friends’ rather than ‘private’.
5. Discuss your evening and weekend plans online.

Digital criminals know how to spot easy targets.
If you’ve got over 500 friends, its unlikely you know all those people. By befriending some of your friends beforehand, research suggests your three times more likely to accept the stranger’s friend request, inadvertently giving them access to all your personal information.

Is your profile a goldmine for burglars? Follow these simple steps:
– Set your account’s privacy controls to ‘private’ and be wary of ‘friends of friends’ permission settings.
– Think about who’s checking out where you’re checking in.
– Be wary of friend requests from people you’ve never met.
– Limit what you publish, such as where you live, details of new purchases and your evening, weekend and holiday plans.

The experiment.
Legal & General’s ‘Digital Criminal 2012: CyberSafety’ report undertook an experiment; they set up fake profiles on Facebook and the results were shocking. Click here to view the full report.

Facebook and Twitter.
As part of our social campaign to raise awareness of the digital criminal, we created images – example below – which were easy to share. To keep up-to-date with our tips, why not Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter?

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