How long is your indemnity period?

Published October 11, 2010

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Businesses face significant financial risk if they do not have a sufficient indemnity period for business interruption. Morgan Clark, one of the UK’s leading loss assessors, recommends that businesses take out two-year indemnity cover: this will give enough time to restore the business to the levels it would have reached if the disaster had not occurred.

Morgan Clark has worked with many businesses which have suffered as a result of inadequate indemnity periods. Many are unaware that disruption from fire or flood can last far longer than the time it takes to move back into your premises. Customers will have gone elsewhere and need to be won back; vital information may have been lost; or the demands of the market may have changed. Restoring the business to where it would have been if the disaster had not happened takes a considerable time.

With a sufficient indemnity period written into your business interruption insurance, you can cope with these potentially disastrous delays and have time to restore your business appropriately.

If however you are currently having difficulties with an insurance claim through an inadequate indemnity period, then Morgan Clark can help to mitigate the problem.

To find out how, contact Morgan Clark.

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