Homes ‘at risk’ from flooding denied insurance

June 13, 2014 7:03 am

The difficulties in obtaining affordable flood insurance were highlighted recently by the story of Mr Brisley, who lives around 750ft from the sea in Devon – but his house is 250ft up a hillside. Yet, despite this, he was turned down for home insurance because of the ‘risk’ of flooding to his home.

The problem arose when his bank suggested they could find more competitively-priced cover for his home. According to Mr Brisley, quoted in the Daily Telegraph, “she put my particulars into the computer and began to look very worried”. It appeared that, despite being in an elevated position, his home was uninsurable as it was in an at-risk postcode.

There was another case reported recently of insurers refusing to pay out to flood victims when damage was caused by a rising water table rather than a burst river. This led to questions being raised in the House of Lords.

These are only two examples of recent coverage of the increasing difficulties in finding affordable flood insurance. Let’s hope that all this will be sorted out by the time Flood Re comes in to force next year.