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Home security: don’t rely on your neighbours

One in four people believe that having neighbours they trust is key to making them feel safe in their homes. But this could make them overlook basic security and ignore the need for insurance.

According to the  Association of British Insurers (ABI), homeowners are needlessly putting themselves at risk of financial disaster by failing to implement basic security measures. Nearly three in 10 admit to leaving doors unlocked and windows open when going out. With 36 per cent of burglaries being opportunistic, this makes their homes easy pickings for thieves. This is compounded by a lack of insurance cover: the ABI also reports that, according to the Office of National Statistics, a quarter of households do not have contents insurance.

A spokesperson for the ABI is quoted as saying: “While it can be reassuring for householders to have neighbours they can trust, this alone cannot substitute the value of sensible home security measures. Common mistakes, such as leaving doors unlocked and windows open, could invite thieves, putting your possessions at risk… .. Following sensible security measures and ensuring your property and its contents are adequately covered are the wise steps people should follow to protect their homes.”

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