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Holiday home insurance claims can be bizarre…

Summer is almost here – well, the ‘summer months’ anyway. So a recent article on yourmoney.com makes for interesting reading for any holiday home owners: it may be bizarre, but it also illustrates how important it is to ensure that you have the right holiday home insurance policy.

The article was about the 10 most unusual holiday home insurance claims submitted to specialist insurer Schofield Holiday Home Insurance, and they are quite extraordinary:

  • Damage caused by a group in their 20s who didn’t like the local beach and decided to create their own – including sand and water – inside the property.
  • A cow strayed into the garden, walked on to the swimming pool cover and then fell into the water. Not only did this damage the pool but there was also the expense of a winch to rescue the beast.
  • Carpets and walls splattered with blood. On further investigation, the owner found a makeshift cardboard coffin containing a pig’s head – suggesting a ritual sacrifice had taken place.
  • A sofa, bed and chest of drawers in the shallow end of a swimming pool: the guests had been drinking and decided to re-arrange the furniture.
  • A broken bed, lamp and bedside table, and scratched flooring in the bedroom (good manners prevent me from reporting why).
  • Complete redecorating of a cottage after bad weather persuaded the guests to move their barbecue indoors.
  • A hole in a roof after a swan flew into high-voltage power cables and then crashed down into a holiday home.
  • Deep cleaning and replacement of soft furnishings after a holiday property was turned into a brothel for four weeks.
  • A claim for four pairs of designer stilettos which were ‘wrecked’ by gravel on a driveway.


All of these claims were investigated but apparently (and perhaps not surprisingly) not all were successful. But you just never know what goes on when you rent out your property – so make sure you’re fully covered.

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