Hit by floods? Here’s how we can help.

December 7, 2015 1:54 pm

In the wake of the recent floods in Cumbria and Lancashire, it’s now time for those affected to try to get their lives back to normal – including starting a flood insurance claim. We’ve already talked to people in the affected areas about what they need to do, and for many it’s a huge relief when we take over their claim and the reinstatement of their homes.

It’s a very complicated process but one we’ve been through so many times before. We can use all our experience from previous floods to take away the stress and make things go as smoothly as possible.

The first thing we do is to help the victims find emergency accommodation and they may also need interim funds. For business owners, they’ll need alternative premises and perhaps interim payments to continue trading.

A major priority is drying out and sanitising the property correctly. This isn’t something that can be carried out by anyone: it needs a specialist, otherwise it may just cause problems later on. Most importantly, it shouldn’t be rushed.

Then there’s overseeing the emergency works, assessing the damage and loss, dealing with the insurer and their loss adjuster, and managing the property reinstatement. For commercial claims, we need to calculate the business interruption aspect of the claim, which covers increased cost of working and loss of profits.

Until you experience it, you can have no concept of just how big the task you face is going to be. But we work hard to get you back into your homes or businesses as soon as possible, and it is always so satisfying to see people we’ve helped getting their lives back to normal. We’ve got lots of examples of this: you can read them on our customer stories section.

To give you some idea of what you face and what you need to do, we’ve also put together a Guide to Making a Flood Insurance Claim: you can read either the residential or business version here.

We’re only a phone call away if you’ve been hit by a flood and need help with your insurance claim.