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The recent terrible weather in the north of the country was followed by an extraordinary tidal surge along the east coast. This led to some serious flooding, and many people have had to move out of their homes or temporarily close their businesses.

This can be a very difficult time. The critical thing is to get your insurance claim started as quickly as possible, and then to make sure it moves smoothly through every stage that needs to happen. But, with so many people affected, insurers are inundated with claims and it can be very difficult to see any progress.

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We know how frustrating this all can be. We’ve worked over the years with many victims of flooding, helping them to kick-start their insurance claim and then seeing it through to a conclusion with them. We’ve encapsulated a lot of this experience in our free guides to making a flood insurance claim – one for householders and one for business owners.

If you’ve been hit by flooding, then this could help you: you can download a version by visiting here.

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