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Flood victims for the second time

We received a phone call last week from someone for whom we managed a flood insurance claim in 2003. They live near the Thames in Middlesex and – yes, you’ve guessed it – they’ve been flooded for a second time after the recent incredible rainfall. One of their first actions was to call us in to help them again.

The couple in question remember in particular that, because we handled their claim, they were able to move back into their restored home much more quickly than their neighbours – some of whom didn’t return for another six months.

The difference a loss assessor makes

So why does having a loss assessor working on your behalf make such a difference? There are many reasons, ranging from ensuring the house is dried out correctly right at the start so there aren’t any problems later on in the process, through to using our experience to expedite all negotiations with the insurer and loss adjuster.

Insurers also tend to react more readily to claims which are being managed by a loss assessor: they know these are likely to be correct and fair and that they can’t just be brushed aside. And, more than anything, a professional loss assessor’s sole focus is on the claim, while the homeowner has so many other things to think about, so we’re in a position to make sure things happen more quickly.

If you’ve been flooded, then we’re only a phone call away and we can make a real difference to how soon you can return to your home.

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