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Flood insurance claim examples

We’ve compiled the following examples of flood insurance claims to illustrate some of the types of claims we encounter, the various ways we help our clients, and the results we achieve. For more examples of flood claims, and other types of insurance claims we’ve managed on behalf of our clients, visit our insurance case studies page.

Flood claim example 1: Flooded Carlisle home

When the river Eden flooded in Carlisle, water poured through Mr Allen’s five-bedroomed Victorian home, causing extensive damage which was likely to result in an insurance claim of around £100,000.

Mr Allen started the claim process for both buildings and contents insurance himself, however, despite having policies with the same insurer, different loss adjusters were appointed by the insurer for the two separate claims.

While the contents claim progressed smoothly, there were issues with the buildings claim. Mr Allen’s home was adorned with original features and a bespoke kitchen, which were completely ruined by the flood water and needed replacing. Despite being entitled to like-for-like replacements under the terms of the policy, Mr Allen’s insurer was reluctant to pay-out and tried to replace a lot of the damaged materials instead.

The insurer then sent out a building contractor that simply was not up to the high standards required for the works, so Mr Allen asked them to down tools and leave the property.

Two months later, after no further progress, Mr Allen contacted Morgan Clark for assistance. This immediately turned things around and allowed Mr Allen to step away from stressful discussions with the loss adjuster. Once Morgan Clark took over the claim, the loss adjuster agreed that Mr Allen was entitled to like-for-like replacements throughout his home, giving him the same high-quality finishes he had enjoyed before the flood.

When the river flooded again 10 years later, Mr Allen immediately contacted Morgan Clark: “As soon as it happened I was on the phone to them again. I had no idea if we would have the same bad experience but I couldn’t take the risk. Morgan Clark did such a fantastic job last time and it’s a godsend having them do it all for us again.”

Read the full case study here.

Flood claim example 2: Water ingress in Harrogate property

Following issues with external drains, Mr Burn’s basement suffered an ingress of water (when water from outside makes its way into a building) which caused damage to his home. Following an initial discussion with his insurer, Mr Burns was informed the claim may not be covered by his policy. 

Mr Burns contacted Morgan Clark, who subsequently took over management of the claim, resulting in the insurer reversing its stance and accepting the claim.

Consequently, Mr Burns’ home underwent a significant renovation, particularly in the basement which required, amongst other works, a full electrical rewire, the walls being stripped back to brick, and the installation of a new tanking system. A new temporary kitchen was installed in a first-floor room to allow Mr Burns to continue living in the property whilst the works were taking place.

The costs of the reinstatement totalled £140,718. Mr Burns was delighted with the final settlement and the support from Morgan Clark.Read the full case study here.

Flood claim example 3: Burst river banks in Cockermouth

When the river Derwent in Cockermouth burst its banks after heavy rainfall, Mrs B’s 17th-century riverside cottage suffered devastating flooding: water rose to over five feet, destroying almost everything on the ground floor.

Mrs B started the insurance claim process but immediately realised what a difficult process she faced, which is when she turned to Morgan Clark for help.

Morgan Clark took control of everything, from stripping the ground floor and drying the cottage out, to handling all dealings with the insurers and overseeing the reinstatement, which included making the house more flood-proof. 

Mrs B believes Morgan Clark made a big difference: “I’m convinced that we got more from the insurers because Morgan Clark knew what to ask for, and also because the insurers took more notice of them than if I’d been on my own. They were very attentive and communicated with me all the time. And it was all much quicker than it was for my neighbours who handled things themselves.”

When history repeated itself and the river flooded again some years later, Mrs B had no hesitation in calling Morgan Clark.

Read the full case study here.

If your home has been impacted by a flood or escape of water, Morgan Clark can help. Contact us today or visit our flood insurance claims page to find out more.

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