Flood crisis: help with insurance claims

February 14, 2014 7:35 am

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about a couple who used our services when they were flooded in 2003 and have come back for help in the current floods. It seems this is a trend: other people whose lives have been devastated again by floods have turned to us again to handle their insurance claim.

As I write this, the floods continue to get worse with the water rising in areas across the south and west of England. We live in extraordinary times and insurers are facing an unprecedented number of claims from householders and businesses. Unfortunately this will mean that corners may be cut or delays may occur when restoration starts. This is why our previous clients are coming back to us: they saw the difference it made to them when they were flooded before by having a loss assessor to represent them.

You can read about how we’ve helped people across the country when they’ve been flooded by reading some of our customer stories. If you’re flooded, then call us now or fill in the call back form and we’ll be in touch straightaway.