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First-hand experience of a fire insurance claim

Here at Morgan Clark, we know just how much of an impact our experienced team of Loss Assessors can have helping people live through major insurance claims, but we don’t expect you to simply take our word for it. We know it’s much more reassuring to hear from someone who has been in your shoes, which is why we have asked some of our clients to speak about their experiences and share their stories with you.

In the video at the bottom of this page, for example, Jim and Jan Walker talk about the fire that changed their lives in March 2017, and the fire insurance claim that ensued. When a fire broke out in the roof of their home in Blackburn, the Walkers initially thought the strange noises they heard might be a squirrel on the roof. It was Jan who heard the crackling of the blaze, but it wasn’t until Jim went outside that they realised how serious the sound was. As soon as he looked up to the roof, Jim noticed the flames and smoke instantly.

A devastating fire in their home

Since Jim and Jan’s countryside property had a thatched roof, the fire was spreading across the top of their house. They called the fire brigade, who arrived within 20-25 minutes and quickly set to work tackling the roof fire. However, despite the quick response from the couple and the prompt arrival of the local fire brigade, the thatched roof made it impossible to contain the fire. Instead, they watched on as the house continued to burn from one side to the other. 

The farmhouse was left completely destroyed by the fire. The entire downstairs was devastated by water and the roof had fallen in. Jim and Jan were left alone with the house and all of the damage that had been left by the fire, when they decided to use the services of Morgan Clark. 

How our Loss Assessors helped Jim and Jan

Martin Chapman, the Walkers’ Loss Assessor from Morgan Clark helped them throughout the entire insurance claim process. The house took two years to rebuild entirely and having Morgan Clark’s help meant that Jim and Jan had all the support they needed. Martin managed to arrange an on-site caravan for them to live in so that they didn’t have to go elsewhere and, importantly to the couple, a 100 year old table that looked beyond repair was successfully restored.

Watch the video below to see the damage caused by the fire and the restoration and repairs that Morgan Clark made possible, and hear from Jim and Jan about how Morgan Clark made the entire ordeal quicker and easier.

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