Fire warning: mirrors in the sun

May 23, 2014 8:14 am

As summer finally arrives, we’d like to repeat our previous advice on safety in the sun, particularly when barbecuing. But a recent story in the press has highlighted another danger which many of us may never think about.

A pensioner in Hampshire came home to find her bedroom filled with smoke. She quickly dialled 999, the emergency services soon arrived and the fire was extinguished before it spread.

The cause was then identified: a make-up mirror had reflected sunlight coming in through a window on to a pile of papers on top of a wooden desk. Both the papers and the wood were smouldering, but luckily fire hadn’t taken hold, otherwise the nearby curtains would have gone up in flames.

It’s a salutary tale. Greater damage was averted because the pensioner had recently received some valuable fire advice when having a smoke alarm fitted. This included closing all internal doors before leaving the house, and this prevented the smoke from spreading throughout the house.

A very lucky escape.