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Enjoying a safe barbecue

We posted recently on Facebook and Twitter about a fire in Bolton caused by a barbecue. And now – finally – it seems that the better weather is on its way, many of us will be getting the charcoal out to grill a few sausages. So it seemed timely to write about how to stay safe when cooking outside.

UK Fire Service Resources has an excellent guide on this, which you can read by visiting their site. This gives lots of tips on how to avoid injuries or damage to property. The main points to remember are:

  • Make sure your barbecue is in good working order.
  • Ensure the barbecue is on a flat site, well away from a shed, trees or shrubs.
  • Keep children, garden games and pets well away from the cooking area.
  • Never leave the barbecue unattended.
  • Keep a bucket of water or sand nearby for emergencies.
  • Ensure the barbecue is cool before attempting to move it.


We would also add that you should still be cautious once you’ve finished barbecuing: the Bolton fire was caused by coals which hadn’t been extinguished properly.

Let’s hope we have lots of opportunities this year to have plenty of barbecues – and let’s keep them safe.

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