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Don’t drink red wine…

I know from bitter experience that split red wine makes a mess – it’s just gone over the arm of a cream armchair. And it appears that I’m not alone.

According to recent research, red wine is responsible for almost a quarter of claims where drinks are spilled over electrical appliances, mobile phones, soft furnishing and carpets. The research, by NFU Mutual, revealed that 10 per cent of claims for accidental damage in 2014 involved drinks.

Carpets and soft furnishings are the items most likely to be damaged by red wine: these comprised just under three quarters of claims, with laptops at 26 per cent and smartphones at only one per cent. And apparently homeowners spill eight times as many glasses of wine as milk over their carpets and computers. Is that because we are less ‘in control’ when we’re drinking wine?

The research mentions other liquid mishaps, and perhaps the most bizarre was when it dealt with a claim after a child emptied the contents of its potty over a laptop. The mind boggles…..

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